The college of the Presbyterian Church in America in Lookout Mountain, Georgia
The college of the Presbyterian Church in America in Lookout Mountain, Georgia
Reformed Christian College

Dr. Scott Quatro discusses Covenant’s Reformed theological perspective, unique among Christian colleges and expressed in every discipline on campus.

Covenant alumni are addressing needs of the human soul through music and the local church.

Christian college student life

Alexander Weir '15 and Evan Weir '15 reflect on how they came to appreciate the connection between academics and community at Covenant.

This September, Baylor University Press will release Christian Historiography: Five Rival Versions, authored by Dr. Jay Green, professor of history.
Carter Hall renovation
A two-year exterior renovation of Covenant's flagship building is underway.
Each Covenant student completes a “SIP” during their senior year, integrating their faith and discipline in one final culminating project.
Covenant College computer science major Anna Hankal ’17 was awarded a scholarship from the Chattanooga Technology Council.
​This May, Zondervan released the new book From Dependence to Dignity: How to Alleviate Poverty through Church-Centered Microfinance, authored by Drs. Brian Fikkert and Russell Mask.

President Halvorson reflects on the importance of words as the soil of our community.

Cynthia Lopez '15 and Kendra Utter '15 look back on how their perspectives of the world have been shaped through their community development major and interactions with fellow students, faculty and staff.
Listen to four seniors share what they have learned during their time at Covenant.