Foreign Language Student Opportunities

The following opportunities are available to students:
  • Language laboratory assistants
  • Internships
  • Independent study
  • Study abroad
  • Clubs
  • Seminars
  • Research projects
  • Summer programs
  • Short-term service trips abroad (including Break-on-Impact trips)

Global Education

Ellie Groenendyk '16 describes her time studying abroad in Spain, including joining a Spanish kayaking club.

"I’ve always liked studying languages and I love that I get the opportunity to speak in Spanish every day. The professors in my major are great, too. There have been several times when I’ve met with them to discuss my plans after graduation and they’re always willing to give me advice and talk about their experience with continuing their Spanish education after college."
 - Spanish major Holly Randolph '17
Lindsey describes how her study of Arabic helped prepare her for internships that involved working with refugees both in Jordan and the U.S.